Unlimited Mileage Powertrain

Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain

25 Year Limited Warranty on New Chevrolet Vehicles

Provided by Roseville Chevrolet


The deductible for 25 Year Unlimited Mileage PT Warranty is: $100.

In states with specific warranty legislation, the selected deductible must meet state requirements.

Limited Warranty Terms:

Years: 25 Miles: Unlimited

Limited Warranty Plan expiration is calculated from the vehicle date of saleand odometer miles on that date. The coverage expires when the length of time of the term has elapsed from the vehicle date of sale or the vehicle odometer is equal to the term mileage plus the mileage on the vehicle on the contract date-of-sale, whichever occurs first.

Claim Authorization Process

The Claims Department is open Monday-Friday, 7am to 8pm, and on Saturday, 8am to 2pm Central Time.

  1. Obtain customer approval for diagnosis of the breakdown.
  2. Obtain authorization for repairs from our claims department.
  3. (209) 693-4384

Before you call, please have the following information available:

  • Contract Number
  • Customer's full name
  • Last 6 digits of the VIN
  • Current mileage on the vehicle
  • Date and number of your repair order
  • Description of breakdown
  • Accurate estimate of the repair or replacement cost (including covered parts and related labor)

Claim Submission Process

  1. Write the claim authorization number on your repair order near the customer's name
  2. Before releasing the vehicle, obtain the customer's signature on the repair order and collect the deductible, if applicable.
  3. Submit all claim information within 30 days from the date of repair:
Vehicle Service Contract
Claims Department
P.O. Box 7943
Shawnee Mission, KS

Warranty Coverage Details

What is Covered?

Powertrain (no Seals & Gaskets/no Wear & Tear) Coverage:

Engine: Gasoline Engine: All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block and cylinder head(s). Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Water pump, fuel pump, valve covers, oil pan, dipstick and tube, timing belt, timing chain/bely cover, engine mounts, flywheel, ring gear, flex plate, harmonic balancer, belt tensioner and idler pulley(s), intake and exhaust manifolds. Factory installed supercharger/turbocharger. Cylinger head, engine block and rotor housing when damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part. Diesel engine: All of the above parts. Plus diesel fuel injection pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines.


Automatic Transmission: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Transmission mount(s), oil pan, dipstick filler tube, vacuum modulator. Transmission case when damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part. Manual transmission including automatically shifted manual transmission: All internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. Plus these non-internally lubricated parts: Transmission mount(s) and automatically shifted manual transmission clutch. Transmission case when damages as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part.

Transfer Case

All internally lubricated parts contained within the transfer case. Plus these non internally lubricated parts: Electronic and vacuum engagement parts, four wheel drive automatic/semi-automatic and manually operated hub assemblies. Transfer case housing when damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part.

Drive Axle

All internally lubricated parts contained within the Front and/or Rear Drive Axle Housing. Plus the following parts: Axle shafts, axle bearings, constant velocity joints and boots, universal joints, center support bearing. Final drive housing when damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated part.

Fluids and filters: Coolant, fluids, lubricants, and filters when required in connection with the repair or replacement of a covered part.

Your Vehicle Maintenance Requirements:

It is your responsibility to ensure that the warning light and gauge, as well as the temperature warning light and gauge, are in proper working condition and not displaying signs of warning.

Maintenance expenses are your responsibility. While not required, it is recommended you return to us for maintenance services. In order to maintain valid limited warranty coverage, you must have your vehicle checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, as outlined in your vehicle's Owner's Manual. You must retain all copies of verifiable receipts and their orders for maintenance services. These copies must indicate customer name, repair order number and date, vehicle identification number, odometer reading at time of service and a complete description of the service performed including required parts and materials. You may be required to provide evidence of all maintenance services. Failure to provide proof of services performed may result in denial of coverage.

What is Not Covered?

This limited warranty does not provide coverage for:

  • Any part not specifically listed as covered under the coverage section, including but not limited to any of the following parts: Glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, wheels, wheel covers, tires, interior trim, moldings, bright metal parts, sheet metal, flexible body parts, wheather strips, upholstery, convertible and/or vinyl top, paint, catalytic converter, exhaust system, brake rotors and drums, wiper blades, coolant hoses, shock absorbers, all batteries including hybrid batteries, throttle body assembly, spark/glow plugs, drive belts, brake pads, brake linings and shoes, manual clutch disc (automatically shifted manual transmission clutches are covered)
  • Repairs of water and air leaks, rattles, squeaks, and wind noise; alignment of body parts, bumpers and glass
  • The normal maintenance services and parts required or recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and other normal maintenance services and parts which include, but are not limited to: engine tune up, suspension alignment and wheel balancing. Filters, lubricants, engine coolant, fluids and refrigerants will only be covered in connection with the repair of a covered failure.
  • Repairs or replacements covered by any insurance policy, repairer's/supplier's guarantee, service contract or manufacturer's or seller's warranty, even if coverage is revoked or denied for any reason, including manufacturer insolvency.
  • Repairs, replacements or alterations made without prior authorization or without following the required claim procedure
  • Repair or replacement of any part due to a condition that existed prior to the purchase of your vehicle
  • A covered failure which does not occur during or is not reported to us within the term of your limited warranty unless expiration of limited warranty falls on a holiday or weekend, then the next business day will be acceptable
  • Repairs if the odometer has ceased to operate and odometer repairs have not been made as soon as reasonably possible, or the odometer has been altered, tampered with, disconnected, or in any way misrepresents the vehicle's actual mileage after you purchased your vehicle.
  • Repairs or replacements of any parts or compnents that do not meet original manufacturer;s specifications as installed at the time of the original vehicle assembly.
  • Any part(s) which has not sustained a covered failure, but which a repair facility recommends or requires be repaired or replaced in connection with the repair or replacement of a covered part(s). This includes any expense due to engineering.

Ineligible Vehicles

Ineligible Vehicles Include

  • Sold by other dealers, lessors, or private parties.
  • Used for livery, route work (service, repair, and delivery), hire, police, security, emergency purposes or commercial towing or hauling.
  • Company-owned or leased vehicles driven by more than one driver on a regular basis.
  • Equipped of used for snowplowing, competitive driving, or racing.
  • Used for pushing or pulling a trailer or other vehicle with a GVW in excess if 2,000 lbs., unless the vehicle is equipped with a manufacturer's trailer towing package.
  • Trucks which have a GVW in excess of 14,000 lbs. Special limited production and rare exotic models.
  • Modified for off-road usage or high performance equipment including, but not limited to engine, transmission, drive axle, exhaust systems, suspension, lift kits, oversized/undersized tires.
  • Grey market vehicles.
  • Vehicles in which the odometer does not reflect the actual mileage.
  • Flood damaged vehicles.
  • Salvaged vehicles.
  • Incomplete, flatbed, Hi cube, or cutaway vehicles.

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